NewAge Industries Nylobrade certified for drinking water and food equipment

NewAge Industries' Nylobrade braid-reinforced PVC hose is now certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for Standards 51 and 61.

NewAge NylobradeThis important certification assures users of Nylobrade's suitability and safety for use in drinking water systems (NSF-61) and food equipment machinery (NSF-51).

"Upgrading to NSF-51 and 61 certification was an important step," says John Stover, the company's Director of New Business Development. "We'd been receiving requests from customers who wanted to use our PVC hose but needed NSF certification. As the manufacturer, we decided to make the investment to have Nylobrade tested and certified."

Industries such as food processing, vending, beverage transfer, food- and beverage-related appliances, medical, marine, and recreational vehicles use NSF Certified hose. Nylobrade is an appropriate choice for drinking water applications, those involving water at temperatures up to 60°C (140°F), and food processing applications.

Nylobrade is manufactured from virgin PVC compound. All ingredients are non-toxic and conform to USP Class VI and FDA standards. The hose offers a mirror smooth interior for dependable fluid, air, and powder flow. Three wall thicknesses are stocked: thin for light duty applications, standard, and heavy for increased working pressure usage.

Previously available only on a custom basis, the NSF certification applies to all standard Nylobrade products as well as custom Nylobrade. It is well stocked in a range of sizes between 1/8" and 2" I.D. The hose's braid reinforcement allows it to handle pressure applications that unreinforced tubing cannot, and unlike polyethylene and other rigid materials, Nylobrade is flexible, making it easy to maneuver through and around equipment and components. Customization such as colors, heat-formed shapes, thermal bonding, cut-to-length pieces, hose assemblies, and more is available.