Continental Blue Neptune Hose

Continental Blue Neptune hose and crimped assemblies that can be used with gas or electric pressure washer sprayers in various applications are now being offered to the North American aftermarket warehouse distribution channel.

Blue Neptune hose“The direction we have taken this product and the accompanying fittings has been driven by our warehouse distributors and their customers – they asked for it, and we delivered,” said Brent Lloyd, heavy-duty channel manager for Continental division ContiTech. “In these competitive times, heavy duty customers demand all-inclusive products. They not only want a product, but in the interest of time and money, they seek full-service offerings. With that in mind, we also crimp assemblies as well as sell crimped assemblies. Basically, we provide customized products and services for all of our warehouse distributors.”

The 3000-psi hose is constructed with a nitrile synthetic rubber tube with a distinctive, non-marking, oil-resistant synthetic rubber cover. It is reinforced with braided steel wire and can accommodate temperatures between minus-20 degrees (F) to 250 degrees (F). The assemblies and hoses are offered in these sizes: 1/4" less than 3 gallons per minute (gpm), typically used for home or electric pressure washer units, 3/8” 3-5 gpm, most popular for home or commercial units, and 1/2" greater than 5 gpm, professional cleaner or industrial use i.d. assemblies.