Hi-Tech Duravent ULD

Hi-Tech Duravent introduced a new product series that is lightweight, provides exceptional flex and compression properties, while offering the durability of urethane.

Hi-Tech Duravent ULDThe ULD is made of 2-ply 0.015-wall clear urethane and is supported by a bronze finish wire. The hose is bonded through extrusion, and uses no adhesives or secondary heat-welding processes, ensuring the best possible adhesion and longer use life.

The transparent urethane material is used to easily locate blockages, UV resistant for outdoor use, and suitable for applications where FDA and NSF compliance are required.

The ULD will serve customers who desire abrasion resistance and exceptional flexibility in applications such as dust and chip collection and air movement/fume removal. The hose’s ideal use is on machinery such as automated CNC routers, dust collection systems, and fume evacuation equipment.

The ULD is currently offered in diameters of 2”- 6” ID, standard lengths of 25’ and 50’, and temperature range of -65°F to 200°F.