NewAge Industries Vitube tubing

NewAge Industries offers Vitube tubing made of Dupont Performance Elastomer’s Viton synthetic rubber.

NewAge VitubeThe material provides a wide range of chemical resistance along with superior performance, especially at high temperatures. Applications include fuel and oil lines, chemical transfer, peristaltic pumps, appliances, seals and o-rings, automotive fluids, hot lubrication and solvents.

Vitube has the flexibility and good mechanical properties of conventional synthetic rubbers, but its heat and chemical resistance go well beyond the range of other rubber materials. Vitube handles temperatures between -30°F and 400°F (-34°C and 204°C) and has withstood temperatures as high as 600°F (315°C) for limited time periods.

Certain fluids, particularly those that are petroleum based, can act as solvents on rubber, disintegrating the material and leading to tubing failure. Vitube withstands many of these fluids, even when temperatures are elevated. Its performance is something that other rubber materials simply cannot match.

Vitube is 100% virgin Viton material and contains no regrind or blends of other elastomers.