Coxreels T Series Stainless Steel reels

Coxreels announced that the Stainless Steel T Series has been expanded to feature a total of nine models.

Coxreels stainless steel reelsSix new models have been included into this specialty Stainless Steel Series to complete the offering with a variety of hose sizes and hose length capacities and satisfy the high demand for heavy-duty industrial grade “Truck Mount” hose reels.

T Series spring driven hose reels are the toughest hose reels in the spring driven line. These stainless steel spring driven hose reels are made of high quality electro-polished stainless steel with stainless steel fluid paths and they offer clean, non-corrosive performance in applications that require it, such as food grade wash-down, chemical processing, marinas, water treatment, petrochemical, medical services and anywherethat rust, corrosion and contamination thrive.

These T Series models feature an extra-large chassis with dual pedestal-style design and Coxreels’ Super Hub that provides triple axle support to reduce vibration and strengthen the structural integrity of the reel. The stainless steel T Series is the perfect choice for applications that demand reliability in the most abusive and demanding environments.