Fire-retardant flexible hoses

Flexaust introduced a broad line of standard flexible, self-extinguishing hoses developed for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications where worker safety is critical.

Flexaust UL94V-0Flexaust UL94V-0 Rated Hoses include 15 standard products which are made from neoprene polyester, PVC polyester, acrylic polyester, PVC, polyure-thane, and thermoplastic rubber for a wide range of applications where worker safety is critical. Featuring a choice of highly flexible and abrasion-resistant constructions, the extruded hoses are available in various wall thicknesses and the fabric hoses come in single- and double-plies and several weights.

Offered in sizes from 1” to 48”, depending upon type, in lengths to 50 ft., Flexaust UL94V-0 Rated Hoses can be provided with various end finishes. They are ideally suited for dust collection and fume extraction applications in the agricultural, automotive, chemical, coatings, industrial, metal-working, shipbuilding, utility, and woodworking industries.