NewAge Industries tubing and hose buying guide

NewAge Industries announces an update to its tubing and hose buying guide.

NewAge Top 20The guide now provides 20 tips on choosing plastic and rubber tubing and reinforced hose to help avoid application and purchasing errors.

The original version of the brochure contained twelve tips. It was developed to educate and remind engineers, purchasing agents, and anyone who buys tubing and hose of often-overlooked details and the factors to consider during the selection process. It was expanded to The Top 20 Tubing and Hose Buying Tips – abbreviated as The Top 20 – after the company realized that buyers could use more advice on certain critical aspects of tubing and hose selection.

The Top 20 includes tips relating to ingredients, temperature, corrosion resistance, flexibility, hardness and softness, pressure and vacuum requirements, reuse, clarity, quality, flammability, and packaging options. For example, knowing what temperature the tubing or hose can handle is usually important in an application. But what must also be considered is the temperature of the environment in which the tubing or hose will operate. Will it be used indoors at room temperature? Indoors at or near freezing? Outdoors in sun and heat? This detail is one that can be missed.

Another example is chemical resistance. Substances like solvents and corrosives will react poorly with certain tubing materials. Fluoropolymers, on the other hand, are known to better handle these chemicals. A tubing material’s ability to resist specific chemicals must be weighed with its other performance characteristics in order to match the tubing properly to the application.

The brochure reminds readers to investigate and ask questions before making the final decision and placing an order. It helps avoid choosing the wrong tubing for the application and the subsequent inconvenience of order returns.