Goodyear Engineered Products Frac hose

Veyance Technologies, exclusive manufacturer of Goodyear Engineered Products, announced the release of the Plicord Oilfied Frac Hose 400 HW.

Goodyear FracPlicord Oilfield Frac Hose 400 HW is a rugged and flexible hose designed to convey crude oil and oil slurry mixtures for Frac tank connections. Also available with exclusive ARC (Abrasion Resistant Cover) for severe applications where abrasion resistance is needed. Frac 400 is a hardwall hose with full suction capabilities.

The tube is constructed of black nitrile (60% aromatics), reinforced with spiral plied high strength fabric with double helix. The cover is made from a nitrile/PVC blend. The hose is designed to withstand a temperature range from -25°F to 180°F.