Flexaust Flexadux clean room hose

Flexaust offers a flexible, medium-weight white thermoplastic clean room hose that is designed for fume extraction, dust control, and light material handling applications.

Flexaust FlexaduxFlexaust Flexadux T-7 White clean room hose is a medium-weight thermoplastic hose that features a smooth interior to minimize friction loss and promote efficient air flow. Capable of operating over a -40°F to 250°F temperature range, this flexible hose is reinforced with a spring steel helix and offers excellent chemical-, moisture-, and abrasion-resistance, claims the firm.

Manufactured with FDA-acceptable materials, Flexaust Flexadux T-7 White clean room hose is available in standard 2" to 12" I.D. sizes, with wall thickness of .030" (.025" for 2"), and custom sizes to 24" I.D.; supplied in 25 and 50 ft. lengths. This hose is suitable for food, pharmaceutical, medical, industrial, packaging, and laboratory clean room applications.

Flexaust Flexadux T-7 White clean room hose is priced from $2.00 per ft., depending upon size and quantity. Samples and price quotations are provided upon request.