Posted March 1, 2017

Coxreels three-way pin lock

Coxreels’ three-way (lock, free spin, and rewind) pin lock is an upgraded pin lock for heavy-duty applications and is now patent approved.

Coxreels three-way pin lockBeyond locking the reel during transport with a solid ¾” pin, the lever action pin lock is designed for easy use with a gloved hand that activates the electric rewind of the reel - no more difficult buttons to hold down with a thumb! With mobile applications in mind, the pin lock safely secures the reel and eases the activation of the rewind while ensuring the two actions are mutually exclusive. The pin lock engages into a separate ring or the chain sprocket rather than into the side of the drum side disc for extra strength and reliable activation.

The pin lock can be installed on either side of the reel and, with the use of the universal bracket, can be installed in 0, 30, 60, or 90 degrees rotation in respect to the base mount surface of the reel.

In addition to the 1” & 1.5” 1600 Series, the pin lock feature is now available on the 2” 1195 Series.