Aeroquip EverCool low-perm hose

Eaton Corporation announced the introduction of its Aeroquip EverCool low-perm hose aimed at reducing permeation of greenhouse refrigerant gasses in air conditioning applications for transit busses, motor coaches, trains, and large overhead cranes.

Aeroquip EverCool"Our EverCool A/C hose has an engineered barrier layer utilizing new manufacturing technology," said Eaton's product manager Doris Showalter. "Its unique construction and proven test performance has confirmed that FC800 is as much as 10 times better than the typical A/C hose used in large bus applications today. Tested to six cycles of coupling integrity per SAE J2064, the low refrigerant loss rates are impressive.

"It's designed to provide bus manufacturers with a ready solution to SAE and customer mandates for lower perm hoses," Showalter added, "and virtually eliminates refrigerant loss from hose and the resulting need to "top off" the system on the first warm day of the season."

EverCool is available in sizes 12 through 24. Combined with Eaton's unique screw-together fitting using an elastomer on the hose nipple for leak assurance at the hose/fitting connection, the new hose provides an easy retrofit on existing vehicles or installation on new bus and motor coach systems.

"It is extremely flexible for a large bore hose and is very easy to install," Showalter noted. "The barrier layer technology is completely new to A/C hose construction. In addition to offering lower permeation, it's compatible with all bus refrigerants, making it applicable on a global basis."