Flex-Tube Swivel Connectors

Flexaust introduced a new line of swivel connectors for joining long lengths of Flex-Tube hose.

Flex-Tube Swivel ConnectorsThe connectors help prevent twisting and improve flexibility and user maneuverability in longer applications.

Flex-Tube Swivel Connectors are made from high strength polyurethane and feature a smooth, tapered interior to assure superior material and air flow. Designed to connect multiple lengths of Flex-Tube hose and create a single kink-resistant hose that is over 50 ft. long and easier for users to handle and maneuver, they are well suited for any long-length hose application.

Ideal for leaf collection, mulch blowing, sandblasting, and similar applica- tions, Flex-Tube Swivel Connectors come in 2”, 2-1/2”, 3”, 4”, and 6” dia. sizes. When used with lightweight Flex-Tube® coextruded polyurethane hose which has an ABS helix wear strip, these swivel connectors reduce twisting and flex fatigue, making the hose more effective than heavy-wall PVC hose.