Flexadux E-2 Insulation Removal Hose

Flexaust offers a new, lightweight and flexible wire-reinforced insulation removal hose which augments its line of crush-resistant insulation blowing.

Flexadux E-2Flexadux E-2 Insulation Removal Hose is a lightweight polyethylene hose, reinforced with a spring steel wire helix, and is flexible for easy handling when vacuuming contaminated blown-in insulation from attics. Featuring a 0.020” thick wall, this easy-to-handle hose comes in a 4” I.D. size which weighs only 0.3 lbs./ft. and a 6” I.D. size weighing just 0.55 lbs./ft.

Resistant to cuts, gouges, chemical-, and microbial-attack, Flexadux® E-2 Insulation Removal Hose operates over a -40°F to 150°F range. It has a 2:1 compression ratio and comes in standard 25- and 50 ft. lengths, clear with plain cut ends. Insulation blowing hose is also available which creates a vortex to aerate and fluff for maximum coverage.

Flexadux E-2 Insulation Removal Hose is priced according to size and quantity.