Hyde pressure washer nozzles

Hyde Tools introduced several new pressure washer nozzles for use with Hyde and other standard pressure washer equipment.

Hyde nozzle tipsThis new product line extension includes two types of quick-connect spray tips.

The new Hhyde Turbo Nozzle is a powerful new ceramic tip designed for blasting and removing stubborn and encrusted stains. It uses a technique that combines the best of both worlds: high impact and good cleaning coverage. Turbo nozzles provide roughly five times the cleaning power of standard tips.

To achieve this, the Turbo Nozzle produces a high-pressure (0°) pencil jet stream and rotates it at 3000 RPM creating a 4" to 8" cleaning circle. This technique expands the coverage area for cleaning without diminishing the velocity created by concentrating the water stream.

Hyde Tools also introduced a set of five spray tips that fit the gas and electric versions of the Hyde PivotWand and can be used with most consumer-grade, electric and gas-powered pressure washers with ¼" quick-connect technology.

The set contains five rust-resistant stainless steel spray tips with industry-standard color-coding that designates spray angles ranging from 0° to 65°. Tips included are: 0° red, concentrated pencil jet; 15° yellow, high performance; 25° green, multi-purpose; 40° white, sensitive surfaces; 65° black, low pressure detergent application.