NewAge Industries fluoropolymer tubing

NewAge Industries reports that its fluoropolymer tubing in PTFE, FEP and PFA has been returned to normal stock levels after a multi-year shortage of the critical raw materials.

NewAge fluoropolymer tubingStraight tubing as well as specialized versions are all once again readily available. The various styles are used for applications ranging from chemical feeds, food and beverage lines, wire insulation and solvent transfer to more complicated uses involving cryogenics, robotics, medical equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing and deionized and ultra-pure water transfer.

Several years ago, fluorspar, a mineral used in the production of fluoropolymers and mined primarily in China, Mexico, Mongolia and South Africa, saw decreased demand in conjunction with the reduced use of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons). Mines were closed and fluorspar processing companies shifted their focus to other products. A few years later, fluorspar demand increased, especially in China, where exports of the mineral were subsequently tightened. Shortages and dramatic price increases followed. China has since loosened it export restrictions, and shuttered mines have been explored and reopened. Fluorspar prices have stabilized, and tubing inventories have returned to pre-shortage levels.

Fluoropolymers are some of the most versatile engineering materials known and have been used in nearly every field of modern industry, technology and science. They are recognized for their excellent resistance to heat – up to 500°F (260°C) continuously – but can also withstand temperatures below 100°F ( 73°C). Fluoropolymer tubing can handle most any corrosive chemical in use today.

NewAge Industries offers fluoropolymer tubing in PTFE, FEP and PFA formulations. All three are manufactured from FDA-compliant materials and provide non-stick properties for the transport of viscous or sticky materials without line clogging. They offer excellent chemical and electrical properties, and both inch and metric sizes are available.

Other styles of fluoropolymer tubing are available to increase the product’s flexibility. Corrtef(TM) corrugated FEP tubing allows for a nearly zero bend radius. Contef(TM) convoluted PTFE tubing is easily flexed and offers flush cleaning. It is available with a stainless steel wire encircled the outer diameter for increased pressure capability and to aid in electrical grounding. Pureloc(R) injection-molded PFA compression fittings are also stocked.