Coxreels air pillow packaging

Coxreels has transitioned to a new and improved protective packaging solution for customer shipments.

Coxreels air-pillow packagingFor several months, Coxreels has been investigating and testing a variety of packaging solutions to prevent each reel from making undesirable movements during transportation. Following careful consideration and investigation, Coxreels made the transition to updated protective pillow packaging. The pillow packaging design has smaller air pillows, which are more resistant to impact during product transportation.

Coxreels has the new air pillow packaging machine and materials on site located at the end of each assembly station. The pillow packaging inserts are created from raw material on demand.

"Coxreels understands that good customer service includes packaging the product correctly and efficiently so it travels safely and securely to each of our valued customers. Understanding that the sales process does not end as soon as the customer has rendered payment is key to Coxreels success as the industry leader in hose, cord, and cable reels," the company said.