ContiTech XCP4 hydraulic hose

ContiTech has introduced a new hydraulic hose, the Continental ContiTech XCP4 for North American markets.

ContiTech XCP4The new hose offers a variety of superior characteristics that are crucial to operating under high-pressure hydraulic applications. “This hose is designed to withstand constant pressure of up to 4000 psi,” said Randy Kish, manager of distributor marketing for industrial hose and hydraulics for ContiTech. “The combination of the high-pressure capabilities along with its superior abrasion resistant cover gives the user a solid reliable performer.”

The ContiTech XCP4 hose meets the United States Mining Safety and Health Administration (USMSHA) flame resistance designation, has excellent impulse performance and flexibility, and meets SAE 100R19 and ISO 11237 standards.

The inner tube is constructed of nitrile rubber and is reinforced with two braids of high-tensile steel wire. The cover is manufactured with oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber giving it that superior abrasion properties. The hose can withstand temperatures from minus 40 degrees to 212 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 40 to 100 degrees Celsius).

The hose utilizes ContiTech’s “B2 – Bite to Wire” crimped fittings, and all fittings compatible for the hose are listed in the ContiTech Hydraulics Catalog.