Extra high temperature cable ties

Ty-Rap Extra High Temperature Cable Ties from Thomas & Betts are made of an advanced heat-resistant nylon and provide a cost-effective alternative to expensive metallic fasteners in high-temperature applications.

Ty-RapThey are suitable for applications ranging from minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 40 degrees Celsius) to 302 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees Celsius). The Ty-Rap Extra High Temperature Cable Ties feature a smooth, low-profile head that resists snagging when the bundle is pulled, and an unlimited tensioning range to ensure the proper fit. Ty-Rap cable ties feature an exclusive non-magnetic, stainless steel locking wedge in the head that replaces ordinary nylon catches to secure the tie with a "Grip of Steel."

"Ty-Rap Extra High Temperature Cable Ties are ideal for OEM and industrial MRO applications where excessive temperatures are a reality," said Rachelle Weiss, product manager for Thomas & Betts. "With performance equal to or better than more expensive metallic fasteners, Ty-Rap Extra High Temperature Cable Ties offer value and peace-of-mind reliability in critical applications. They also are quicker to install than metallic fasteners, lacing cord or tape, saving time and helping reduce costs."