Weiler sweeping center displays

Weiler Corporation offers two different sweep displays available to distributors.

Sweeping center displayWeiler’s sweeping center display will hold 12 upright brooms and a combination of 24 fine, medium and coarse sweeps and handles. When ordering a sweeping center, distributors will also receive an easy-to-assemble wire rack and full-color header - FREE !

The Pro-Flex display box will hold an assortment of 12 Weiler Pro-Flex sweeps. Pro-Flex sweeps come with a comfort grip handle and scraper for removal of heavy, caked on dirt and debris and assemble in less than a minute with no tools required. The display box is also free to distributors with their Pro-Flex order.

Designed to generate impulse purchases, both of Weiler’s sweep displays offer a variety of popular brooms, sweeps and handles in a highly visible presentation where customers can easily see the products and assess their high quality and value.

All brooms and sweeps include key information such as UPC barcodes for easy check-out.