Hyde Quickly Clean Glove

Developed by a house painter, the Hyde Quickly Clean Glove has a patented weave that turns it into a “miracle glove” for cleaning almost anything without harsh chemicals.

Hyde Quickly Clean GloveIt removes oil-based and latex paint, caulk, adhesive, grease, dirt and grime and more, using nothing harsher than plain water or mild hand soap.

Many products currently in use are chemical-based and labeled “avoid contact with your skin.” By contrast, the Hyde Quickly Clean Glove actually buffs and rejuvenates skin. It is a healthful alternative to chemicals that are absorbed and dry the skin, and to Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) products that are being removed from the market.

From paintbrushes and trays to caulk guns and caked trowels, the Quickly
Clean Glove is the ideal cleaning aid. The special materials and unique patented weave of this glove also makes it effective at removing spilled paint and stain from floorboards, tools and hardware, and algae, dirt and grime from outdoor lawn furniture, boats, grills and many other surfaces. The glove is reusable, machine washable and dryer safe.

One size fits most, allowing the Quickly Clean Glove to be used by both men and women. Hyde says its perfect for painters, mechanics and hobbyists alike.