Weiler Pro-Flex Sweep

Weiler says its Pro-Flex Sweep is the strongest sweep on the market, and the easiest to assemble.

Pro-Flex SweepThe T-knob construction of the Pro-Flex Sweep allows the sweep to be fully assembled in less than one minute. The handle connects easily and securely to the broom head, and there’s no need for a brace!

Utilizing an advanced polymer technology, the Pro-Flex Sweep’s unique handle/sweep connector flexes on impact, providing unbelievable shock absorbency, and it is unbreakable! This sweep is ideal for the most demanding applications on a construction site.

Without the need for a brace, the Pro-Flex Sweep is lighter, easy to maneuver and eliminates the potential damage to low surface areas.

Four different fill materials for this 24” sweep are available including a flagged grey polystyrene border with a stiff black polypropylene center, palmyra, medium maroon polypropylene and stiff blue polypropylene. All Pro-Flex Sweeps include a comfort grip handle and a scraper for removal of heavy, caked on dirt and debris.