LA-CO Markal Dura-Ink 20

LA-CO Industries, a diversified manufacturer of the Markal brand, recently announced the newest product in the DURA-INK family designed to work harder for trade professionals.

Dura-Ink 20Featuring a unique retractable marking tip, Markal’s latest DURA-INK 20 permanent marker increases the convenience and simplicity of use for trade professionals across all applications. While other markers may dry out if the cap is lost, Markal’s innovative design protects the ink inside the marker with a click of the clip. The DURA-INK 20 also eliminates the potential for damage to the marking tip and professional’s shirt or tool belt with a design that is so simple to close. Available in black and red, the DURA-INK 20 is the perfect permanent marking solution for a wide variety of applications on cardboard, ceramics, glass, cloth, lumber, paper, rubber, and steel.

The DURA-INK 20 is just the latest innovation in Markal’s complete line of DURA-INK markers. Each DURA-INK product, from permanent to dry erase markers, features an ergonomic design and industrial-grade ink. Fast-drying, smear-proof and water-proof, each marker in the DURA-INK family provides reliable solutions for all trade professionals.

“The product specialists at Markal are constantly looking for ways to enhance our products to fit the needs of today’s trade professionals,” said Kevin Talbott, Market Manager for the Industrial Division of Markal. “The DURA-INK 20 is the latest addition to an already strong family of permanent ink markers, and its new retractable tip enables the marker to work harder for tradesmen in all fields.”