STOKO  Refresh 4 in 1 hand hygiene dispenser

STOKO offers a choice of touch-free or manual dispensers on its Refresh 4 in 1 hand hygiene dispenser that can share the same cartridge refills.

STOKO Refresh 4 in 1“Evonik is known for providing creative solutions to challenges our customers face,” says Ron Shuster, STOKO product line director for North America. “Developing touch-free and manual dispensers that share the same cartridge refill allows our distributors to always have the right refills available in inventory, as well as at the point of installation.”

The adaptability of STOKO Refresh 4 in 1 is further enhanced by the availability of foam, spray, liquid or gel products that can be dispensed from both the touch-free and manual dispensers. In addition, the four-in-one system includes over 40 variations of dispenser and window-color combinations from which to choose.

“The time, labor and cost savings made possible by our four-in-one system are unmatched by current market offerings,” comments Lori Huffman, STOKO senior marketing manager. “Distributors can simplify their purchasing process and streamline inventory – a vital requirement in today’s challenging economic environment - by stocking a single inventory of hand hygiene products that fit both touch-free and manual dispensers. Labor costs and time are also reduced at the end user level since this system eliminates the confusion and time required to match a particular SKU with the appropriate dispenser. You always have the right refill.”