Posted September 1, 2017

Lumax LX-1312 fluid extractor

Lumax’s new Fluid Extractors are handy transfer pumps to move fluids through dipstick tubes and filler ports.

LX-1312 Fluid ExtractorThe LX-1312 is a manual fluid extractor. A vacuum is created quickly and efficiently by manual pump operation, offering superior mobility without the need for electricity or compressed air. Suitable for brake fluid, engine oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, water and more. Ideal for extracting fluids, changing engine oils and lubricants in ATV’s, boats, farm equipment, gear boxes, motor bikes, snowmo-biles, watercrafts, and vehicles.

The LX-1312 capacity is 2.6 gallons, height is 28 inches, width is 8.75 inches, weight is 6 lb. The LX-1312 includes fluid extractor, 60” PVC steel braided suction hose, two dipstick tubes, and tube adapters. The oil and chemical resistant polypropylene construction make it durable. Lumax fluid extractors have automatic overflow prevention, a quick drain pour spout, and decompression/exhaust valve for releasing negative pressure. Avoids the mess and minimizes clean up.