ITW Dymon Scrubs Breakroom 6-Pack Caddy

ITW Dymon introduced the SCRUBS Breakroom 6-Pack Caddy.

SCRUBS Breakroom 6-pack caddyThe SCRUBS Breakroom 6-Pack Caddy features six of ITW Dymon’s SCRUBS pre-moistened wipes in a convenient caddy designed to make break room cleaning tasks easier and more efficient.

“With the SCRUBS Caddy, everything is conveniently packaged in a single, attractive, and ergonomic carry-all,” said ITW Dymon Director of Sales & Marketing Rich Bucher. “And because the pre-moistened wipes are disposable, the threat of germ and viral cross contamination is virtually eliminated.”

The 6-Pack Caddy contains SCRUBS Dish Cleaning Wipes, SCRUBS Appliance Wipes, SCRUBS do-it ALL Disinfectant Wipes, SCRUBS Lemon Hand Sanitizer Wipes, SCRUBS Stainless Steel Cleaner Wipes and SCRUBS Green Cleaning Wipes. With the cleaning and disinfecting power contained within the caddy, employees can handle a multitude of clean up tasks quickly and easily with a trusted brand.