Rust-Oleum hybrid epoxy primer

Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands has introduced a first-of-its kind hybrid epoxy primer designed to deliver superior corrosion protection to metal surfaces.

Rust-Oleum hybrid epoxy primerROC-Prime 100 Hybrid Epoxy Primer uses a resin never before used in North America which provides two-component performance in a single-component formula. This primer is Rust-OIeum’s highest performing single component primer.

ROC-Prime can be top coated with any paint technology including alkyd, acrylic, epoxy and urethane coatings, and can be used on interior or exterior applications. The primer features convenient soap and water clean-up and is available in two popular primer colors of red and gray.

With a volatile organic compound level of less than 100 grams per liter, ROC-Prime is compliant across all of North America and can be applied by brush, roller or spray gun. The primer withstands temperatures up to 200 degrees and dries to handle in two to four hours for fast return to service.