General Tools & Instruments Energy Audit Scanner

The new Energy Audit IR Thermometer/Scanner with Star Burst Laser Targeting (IRTC50) from General Tools & Instruments allows the user to designate a set point and determine whether subsequent readings are within or outside selectable ranges from that set point.

IRTC50The Star Burst laser targeting system lets the user easily determine the area being measured. The device is ideal for conducting energy audits; it can perform a progressive scan over a pre-determined area and check for temperature differentials. It also has a wide variety of applications for electricians, plumbers, homeowners, building inspectors, HVACR technicians, manufacturing technicians and others.

With the gun-style Energy Audit IR Thermometer/Scanner, a set-point reference temperature is first acquired and stored. The user then selects one of three reference ranges (+/-1°, 5° or 10°F; +/-0.5°, 3° or 5.5°C). As subsequent readings are taken, tri-color light and buzzer alarms indicate if those readings are within, above or below the selected range.