Jackson Safety Balder W-70 BH3 Welding Helmet

The Jackson Safety Balder W-70 BH3 Auto-Darkening Filter (ADF) welding helmet offers the highest standards of optical clarity that can be achieved when using an ADF.

Jackson Safety Balder W-70The helmet provides a uniform share level over the entire viewing area, without noticeable and annoying brightening at the edges of the filter, which creates a murky and hazy weld pool. The proprietary, best-in-class technology of the W-70 BH3 decreases angular dependence to virtually undetectable levels, increasing welder comfort and productivity. The new Jackson Safety ADF welding helmet meets the ANSI Z87.1 high impact standards and is lightweight at 1.24 pounds and solar-powered. In addition, the W-70 BH3 offers a smooth, rounded perimeter around the entire edge for increased comfort, an aerodynamic shell designed for better fume deflection and UV/IR protection up to shade 13.