Posted February 9, 2023

WALTER's ORBIT welding helmet

The new ORBIT welding helmet, available now, offers innovative features like three high-definition auto-darkening lenses with a three-year warranty, anti-scratch cover plates, and a 24-square-inch viewing area.

The three lenses and viewing area offer optimal peripheral vision for increased safety and productivity while on the job. In addition, its HD technology allows you to see colors well and have a clearer and more defined view to ensure your senses are not impaired when wearing the helmet, furthering WALTER’s commitment to safety and productivity.WALTER LAUNCHES ITS FIRST ORBIT™ WELDING HELMET

“Specially designed with a wider fit for increased comfort, the ORBIT allows you to wear additional gear, glasses, or other accessories underneath the helmet with complete ease,” says Philip Laforest, R&D Product Manager – PPE, Weld Cleaning & Metalworking Fluid.
It also includes external controls for shade adjustment and for selecting grind mode without having to lift the hood. It is solar powered and has a USB charger for backup charging for enhanced ease of use.

ORBIT Welding Helmet

Features include:

  • 24-square-inch viewing area thanks to 3 lenses that improve peripheral view of surroundings
  • Anti-scratch cover plate
  • 3-year warranty on auto-darkening lenses
  • External controls for shade adjustment and grind mode
  • Unparalleled optical clarity and sensitivity
  • X-TIG mode for welding when views are obstructed
  • Wider-fit design made for comfortable welding
  • Solar-powered
  • USB charger included for on-the-go back-up charging