Forsthoff Mini-Electric hot air welder

Ideal for plastic fabricators and tank manufacturers because of its light weight and ease of use.

Forsthoff Mini-Electric plastic welderThe totally insulated Mini-Electronic hot air welder has a heating capacity of 1300 Watts, 120 V. The heat is infinitely variable from 68 to 1290˚F and is kept constant electronically. The required air supply can be provided by a compressor or shop air. An additional control regulates the air supply. For building sites and outdoors, model F0997, a hand transportable blower, will supply the necessary air. This unit is particularly useful in welding plastic sheeting, pipes, fittings and tank fabrication because of its easy-to-handle size. Push-on welding tips work with the 5mm nozzle. The M10 adaptor nozzle with threads enables screw-on welding tips to be used in welding operations.