30 kVA power distribution system with welding outlets

The MGS-480.2X30A.2X60A-10K-2X240-10X120 power distribution system provides a safe and effective way for operators in industrial settings to tap into and utilize power sources independently of the work area.

Larson Electronics kVA power distribution systemThis unit is designed to operate with 480 volts AC which is then stepped down to 120 volts AC single phase and 240 volts AC single phase. This transformer makes 120 volts available via ten GFCI protected 20 amp receptacles with weather proof covers and 240 volts available via two L6-30 receptacles. This portable power distribution system also provides two 30 amp, 480 volt receptacles and two 60 amp, 480 volt receptacles for welding. On the primary side, a 250 amp main breaker 480 volt panel provides protection for the two 30 amp, two 60 amp receptacles, and the 10 KVA transformer. On the secondary side, a 100 amp main breaker panel provides protection for the ten 20 amp, 120 volt outlets and the two 30 amp, 240 volt outlets.