Walter Surface Technologies Surfox Wand

Walter Surface Technologies announced the launch of the new Surfox Wand, compatible with the Surfox 304 MIG & TIG weld cleaning system.

Surfox WandThe new Surfox Wand was designed with the end-user in mind. The updated ergonomic handle provides superior grip, as well as added comfort, perfect for use over extended periods of time. “The wand is articulated, and allows for a greater range of motion. It’s much easier to use,” explains Jonathan Douville, Product Manager, Surfox, E-Weld and Finishing Abrasives at Walter Surface Technologies.

The wand also features a quick-change system, allowing the user to easily and quickly change accessories and clean larger and hard-to-reach areas at an optimal rate.

The Surfox Wand is, of course, compatible with Walter’s new carbon fibre brushes with segmented sleeves, used for cleaning MIG welds. “The segmented sleeves on the brushes can be trimmed away with a pair of long nose pliers, up to three times, so that you can get more life out of each brush,” adds Douville.

The triangular brush is used for cleaning larger surface areas whereas the cylindrical sleeve brush is used for tight corners and spot welds. The new wand also remains compatible with the tungsten inserts and the high conductivity cleaning pads.

In addition to the new Surfox 304 brushes, a new brush was added to the Surfox Mini line of accessories. The Surfox Mini brush is made with a plastic cylindrical sleeve and can be trimmed similarly to the Surfox 304 brushes.