Posted February 22, 2023

Sales Tech Solves the 3 Problems that Plague Distributor Efficiency

The global construction industry is currently valued at $8.2 trillion, according to By 2030, this value is expected to shoot up to $14.4 trillion - that's a whopping 75% growth in seven years.

businessman pointing-digital targetOf course, with great demand comes a greater need to keep up with the speed of innovation. One of the biggest challenges facing companies in this sector is distribution. As demand increases and competition intensifies, it's becoming increasingly difficult to get products to market quickly and efficiently.

Enter sales tech platforms. The technological revolution has led to the emergence of a new type of platform specifically designed to help manufacturers, distributors and retailers keep up with the pace of change in this fast-growing industry.

Sales tech platforms provide features distributorsthat you can use to streamline distribution operations. Companies are turning to sales tech solutions to disrupt the traditional distribution model and stay ahead of the curve.

But what exactly is sales tech, and how can it help you meet the needs of today's ever-evolving construction and industrial solution markets? Let's take a closer look.

What is Sales Tech?

Sales tech (or sales technology), comprises is the various tools and technologies that enable companies to improve their sales operations. It includes everything from customer relationship management (CRM) systems to marketing automation tools, analytics software, and data-driven insights.

These platforms streamline a company's sales processes and make it easier to track performance in real-time. They provide features such as automated lead generation, predictive intelligence, customer segmentation, and personalized content.

Sales productivity tools, like RepMove, are one of the most popular sales tech solutions. They optimize your distribution processes by helping your sales team plan and execute every day to the fullest potential, making sure that products are delivered on time and costs are kept to a minimum. Most the importantly, your customers are happy.

How Sales Tech Helps Industrial Distributors 

At a high level, sales tech solutions help you streamline operations and increase efficiency. But how do these benefits apply to the construction and industrial solutions industries specifically? Let's take a look:

Problem #1: Tracking Performance Takes Too Long

Sales reps are always on the move. They're jumping from one prospect to another, visiting job sites, construction sites, and industrial factories. This makes it hard to track who's going where, who you've spoken to, what's being discussed, and what deals are being made. Notepads and Excel sheets just don't cut it anymore when you're on the go.

Sales tech platforms like RepMove allow sales reps to log their activities on the go. Reps can easily update and review performance data in real-time, allowing managers to keep track of sales performance from anywhere. 

"RepMove helped us organize and manage our contacts, save us time by allowing us to map out which job sites and offices to go to, and stay on task and complete items on our task list,” said Tracy Loveland at KK Construction Supply.

Problem #2: Limited Customer Information

With data all over the place, it can be difficult to get a comprehensive view of your customers. Creating a customer persona is critical, but without the right data, it's nearly impossible.

Sales tech platforms help you collect customer data from various sources and create a 360-degree view of your customer. With this information, you'll be able to create more targeted marketing campaigns and sales strategies.

How often do your customers want to be targeted? Which channels do they use? What types of offers should you be sending them?

With access to the right data, your marketing and sales departments know how to strike the right pain points, start the right conversations, and tailor their services to the customer's needs.

Problem #3: Inaccurate Forecasting

The construction and industrial solutions industries are full of uncertainty. Unanticipated delays, issues with materials or supplies, and changing regulations –- all these can have a significant impact on a business's ability to forecast accurately.

Sales tech platforms help you address this problem by providing real-time updates on project status, customer decisions, and other metrics. This gives you a more accurate picture of what's happening in the market so you can make better forecasting decisions.

A New Era in Sales

Ultimately, sales tech platforms are becoming essential for distributors in the construction and industrial solutions industries. They provide valuable insights into your customers and sales operations that you simply can't get from a spreadsheet. With the right data and analytics, you can make more informed decisions, streamline operations, and increase efficiency.

“RepMove is the ultimate sales tech platform that can help you do just that,” said Dillon Baird, creator of that platform. “With its intuitive interface, powerful analytics and automated routing, it's the perfect tool for busy sales reps in a fast-paced industry.”