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Your five-point year-end checklist

by Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson

This year is quickly winding down, which makes now an ideal time to evaluate the following five-point checklist essential to personal and corporate growth. Mastering these five fundamentals is essential to creating the momentum necessary to finish this year with a flourish, as well as setting the stage to ensure that next year is your best ever.

1. Is your life in balance? Yikes, this is a tough place to start for some of you! The year has been so rough that many readers are way out of whack in mental, emotional, physical or spiritual health. I highly recommend that you make adjustments in any areas where you're off track because a let up in any of the four essential balance sectors will adversely affect the others. For those of you that ordered my new book, How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK, read or re-read chapter six! It's all about balance.

2. Are you working within the disciplines of priorities? Business and the emergencies of the moment can make casualties of our workplace priorities. Get back to scheduling your priorities and then working the rest of the day around them, rather than trying to cram what is most essential into your chaotic calendar.

3. Is your personal growth program intact? Sometimes a crisis year can cause you to become so busy doing that you stop learning new things. Your energy is expended managing emergencies and there is little time left to elevate your skills and knowledge. Commit to finish this year with a personal growth plan in full force. Find the book you started but never finished and complete it!

4. Are you maintaining the financial discipline you embraced during the worst of the downturn? Don't let a positive blip or two on the business radar cause you to begin spending foolishly again. Continue to right-size your business and lifestyle. Use additional income to eliminate debt and increase reserves.

5. Are you keeping your "deathbed bargains?" These are the resolutions you made in the midst of the malaise that you may be tempted to abandon once the economic meltdown seems to be over. They range from, "We'll never let our payroll get this far out of line again," or even, "From this time forward, everyone has to come to work to prove themselves over again each day."

Evaluate these five points and take the action necessary to finish this tough year better than you started it.

Dave Anderson is the author of No-Nonsense Leadership: Real World Strategies to Maximize Personal and Corporate Potential. He is a peak performance author, trainer and speaker for leadership and sales. For more information go to:, or call 650-941-1493.



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