De-Sta-Co manual power clamps

With the new 52H-3E series, DE-STA-CO offers an individualized, adjustable manual power clamp primarily for prototype fixtures.

DE-STA-CO 52H-3EThe manual power clamps are available in two sizes – 50 and 63. They have a completely closed aluminum housing that protects the inner mechanical parts from weld splatters. The opening angle is close to infinitely variable with adjustments from 0 to 135 degrees. An Allen key is used to open the retaining mechanism and to clamp it again to the desired setting.

There are two manual levers available that can be mounted on the left or right. While the "H0" model can be installed in different positions, the "HS" model can be welded on as desired, even at an axially bent angle, thus utilizing the ergonomic position. There is a large array of U and side clamping arms available.

The models of the new series are available with or without sensors. Colored LEDs reliably indicate the current status of the clamp: Green means ready for operation; yellow and red indicate that the clamp is in open and closed position, respectively. In order to prevent damage, the sensors are divided into two parts: The sensors are in the clamp; the connector shell with the LEDs is accessible from the outside.

The new series is designed for use in a temperature range from negative 13 to positive 158 degrees Fahrenheit (negative 25 to positive 70 degrees Celsius). The maximum holding force is 960 (1,300 Nm) for model 50 and 1330 (1,800 Nm) for model 63. Both models can replace series 82M-3E.