Posted August 28, 2019

Metabo HPT launches 4-port battery charger

Metabo HPT (formerly Hitachi Power Tools) launched its first 4-Port Battery Charger (model UC18YTSL).

Metabo HPT 4-port battery chargerIt conveniently charges multiple 36V MultiVolt and 18V Metabo HPT/Hitachi batteries along with two USB compatible accessories and it’s also equipped with two AC outlets to power additional electric devices.

Multiple ports charge up to four (4) Lithium-Ion slide batteries simultaneously, or one-by-one, depending on which charging mode the user prefers. In multi-mode, the charger will charge all the batteries uniformly and at the same time. In normal mode, the charger will charge batteries in sequence from port 1 to port 4.

Rapid charging is convenient as the UC18YTSL can charge one 18V Compact 3.0Ah battery in just 30 minutes or all four simultaneously in 120 minutes. If charging a 4.0Ah MultiVolt battery, it can be fully charged in just 52 minutes or all four simultaneously in 208 minutes. A mix of batteries with various voltages and amp hours can be charged simultaneously to keep everyone going on the jobsite.