Norton Bear-Tex Thin-Flex hand pads

Saint-Gobain Abrasives introduced Norton Bear-Tex Thin-Flex hand pads.

Norton Bear-Tex Thin-FlexNorton Thin-Flex provides increased cutting action through a unique web structure created by an advanced needling process to allow more pressure to be applied per abrasive grain without extra effort from the user. Extremely flexible for contoured and hard-to-reach areas without the extra bulk of thicker pads, the specialized webbing provides enhanced durability for increased product life. Ideal for a wide range of applications found in automotive, maintenance repair operations (MRO) and industrial markets, Norton Thin-Flex hand pads are available in very fine and ultrafine grit sizes.

They are available in very fine aluminum oxide (Maroon), for light cleaning and primer preparation, and ultrafine silicon carbide (Gray), for blending, scuffing and deburring of primer, weld beads, rust and oxidation.