Posted June 22, 2016

POLIFAN-CURVE flap discs

POLIFAN-CURVE flap discs from PFERD INC bring significant advantages to rough and finish grinding applications.

POLIFAN-CURVEA patented, proprietary design to PFERD, POLIFAN-CURVE offers a fast, productive and economical way to go from rough grinding to smooth finishing in a single step.

POLIFAN-CURVE flap discs are designed especially for fillet weld applications. This single tool allows weld seams and slag to be removed, leaving a finish smooth enough for easy identification of cracks, inclusions, and porosity in the fillet during weld inspections.

This unique configuration gives POLIFAN-CURVE three fully-usable working surfaces as opposed to the single surface of a conventional flap disc—the top face, bottom face and entire radial edge—making this tool perfect for grinding fillet welds as well as unusual curves such as those found in ornamental pieces. The flap discs also produce superior results in contour grinding, removing material faster than bonded wheels, and leaving a smooth finish for easy visual inspection. The larger diameter discs provide deeper reach and have more coated material for superb disc life. With minimal loss of diameter as these discs wear, high productivity is sustained through the life of the disc.

POLIFAN CURVE flap discs are available in a variety of diameters
(4 ½, 5, 6 and 7 in.) and abrasives (Zirconia, A/O for aluminum and Ceramic Oxide) and with a 7/8” arbor hole or quick-change 5/8-11” hub.