Posted July 14, 2023

Enrollment surges for new ISA certification program 

The Industrial Supply Association (ISA) says enrollment for its new Emerging Leaders Channel Certification (ELCC) program has exceeded the association's expectations. In response, ISA has opened an additional cohort scheduled to start mid-August to accommodate the demand. 

The Emerging Leaders Channel Certification program launched with the primary objective of addressing the industry's growing need for skilled and forward-thinking professionals. The overwhelming response from member companies and young professionals has affirmed the program's relevance and impact on the industry.

“This tremendous reception for ISA’s Emerging Leaders Channel Certification program highlights the industry's hunger for skilled and forward-thinking leaders,” said Christina Bertino, ISA’s director of marketing & communications and emerging leaders staff champion. “We are thrilled to announce the opening of an additional cohort to accommodate the influx of talent, reaffirming the program's crucial role in nurturing the next generation of industry visionaries. This remarkable achievement solidifies the program's relevance and underscores its profound impact on shaping the future of our industry."

By providing a comprehensive curriculum that combines both channel-focused knowledge and practical skills, the Emerging Leaders Channel Certification program equips participants with the essential tools and expertise required to excel in their roles and make a difference in their company. ISA's commitment to supporting emerging leaders extends beyond the virtual classroom. The program also fosters a collaborative environment that encourages networking, idea exchange, and professional connections through in-person professional development events, book clubs, and regional meet ups.

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