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Posted May 28, 2019

A man and his dog

Several people sent in replies to the recent editorial welcome by Rich Vurva in the May/June issue of Industrial Supply magazine that introduced the world to Russell. Here are their stories. If you'd like to share a story and photo of your dog, send Rich an email.

MollyChris Wysong
Hemco Gage
Holland, Michigan

We’ve had Jack Russells since shortly after we married in 1995. When the dog, Paddington, that was born in our eldest’s bedroom became ill and passed, our youngest son was heartbroken and inconsolable. My wife and I were, too, and it took us some months to grieve. Our youngest, Pierce, continued to bring up when we were going to get a new dog. Finally, months later, we relented. After spending more months trying to find a rescue, we came upon “Laverne.” She had been given up with her sister “Shirley” (well done and a big “Aaaaaaaayyyy!" to those of you who immediately got that reference). Shirley had been recently adopted, leaving Laverne. And what a good dog! It took all of one look from her to Pierce and Laverne was part of the family. She’s now Molly and she is the best dog – EVER! She snuggles with whomever is ill or injured. She loves to sleep with anyone who will let her. She insists on intervening when our family gets into “intense fellowship.” She comes when called, loves to explore in the woods – but never out of earshot. Any person is her next best friend. Kind, obedient, loving.

Kate, Izzy and CannoliKate Reilly
Marketing Manager
Rex-Cut Abrasives
Fall River, Massachusetts

I loved your editor’s welcome article for the May/June edition. I think it’s wonderful you adopted Russell and gave him the home he needed. Not everyone has the patience it takes to help a dog with health conditions.

I have two adopted dogs as well that came from tough backgrounds. It took some time, but they have become wonderful companions. Izzy, our older dog (the reddish one shown here) is an Australian Shepherd mix and Cannoli, our newest, is a Saluki from Qatar.

Thanks for taking the time to write about the furry friends.

LilyMike Medek
Branch Manager
Motion Industries
West Allis, Wisconsin

I just read your welcome article about your boy Russell. My family also adopted a somewhat special needs dog. A deaf Jack Russell we named "Lily."

She was 48 hours from being euthanized before a local rescue (Lucky Mutts) brought her to Wisconsin. It was a tough stretch the first month or so while all of us adjusted. We were close to re-surrendering her, but a conversation with a long time customer changed my mind. Eighteen months later, she's a beloved member of our family. She's a good tester of patience, but I think we're better for it.

She barks. A LOT!

We’ve taught her some hand signals. Sit, come, and stop. It's remarkable how you start to adjust to them and vice versa to communicate.

OwenStanley Romanek
Senior sales manager
A&M Industrial/Boro Supply

Enjoyed your article in the recent issue of Industrial Supply. Both myself and my wife love dogs, especially Bassett Hounds, and when we lost our first Bassett Buddy after 10-1/2 years needless to say we were heart broken. After 9 months of not having a dog we decided to start looking for a rescue. We contacted the Tri-State Bassett Rescue here in New Jersey and found a few dogs we were interested in. Unfortunately all were already adopted so we decided to look at Owen. His picture is attached. Owen did not have a good life; he was left outside and apparently ran away from his home in Kentucky and was hit by a vehicle, breaking one of his hind legs. When we met him he had a cast on his leg and was barely able to walk, but he fell into my wife’s lap and that told us all we needed to know. We’ve had Owen now since November of 2013 and he comes to the office almost every day, greeting our customers on a daily basis. Some have even started bringing him treats.

Good luck with Russell, he looks like a great dog. (Ed. note: He is).

PonchoDick Friedman
Certified Business Consultant
General Business Consultants
Frequent contributor to Industrial Supply

My dog Poncho is the best dog. The picture of her on a leather chair shows this 8.5 lbs. Jack Russell (coincidence) Terrier and Yorkie mix; about 12 inches long and 10 inches high not counting her tail. Poncho was adopted by my daughter from a rescue shelter in Zanesville, Ohio, and given to me because my daughter's spouse is allergic to animals. On July 2, Poncho will turn 13. She is a joy to my wife and me, and we baby her. Every night I brush her aging teeth so gum disease does not get out of hand. (Legal name is "Pancho Amelia" as in Pancho Barnes and Amelia Airhart).

EliCaitlin Kincannon
Production manager
Direct Business Media
Publisher of Industrial Supply

This is Eli. He’s 84 percent ear, and loves tennis balls. He will eat almost anything, including treats, toys, and his human’s shoes. He can outrun a Great Dane, and is uniquely large for his Boston Terrier breed, weighing in around 27 lbs. He was adopted by Noah Cali as a puppy, and two years later, is a part of the family that loves him very much. He rates 13 out of 10; he’s a good boy.

SparklesLindsey Austin
Audience administrator
Direct Business Media

This is Sparkles, who just turned one, and her human Mikayla who is seven. Sparkles is one of the smartest, fastest, cuddliest dogs I have ever met and she is a great addition to our family. When you talk to her and she looks at you with her different colored eyes it feels like she is completely understanding everything you are saying. She has a wonderful personality and is a true Husky through and through, which is both good and bad at times!


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