Electronic ad specs

Ad specs for Industrial Supply Web site

Super Banner ad 1,800 x 370 pixels
Standard Button Ad 225 x 225 pixels
Top Banner ad 600 x 100 pixels
Content Banner ad 500 x 100 pixels
File type animated or static .JPG or .GIF
Resolution 72 dpi
Max. file size 500 KB (smaller files load faster)

Additional information:

Animation is allowed on web ads but autoplay on video or audio is not allowed.

Expandable ads are allowed using either mouse over or click methods. However, a prominent close button must be included in the upper right hand corner. (Maximum expandable size for 225x225 ad is 550x550. Maximum expandable size on 500x100 ad is 500x300.)

Flash is no longer recommended because major browsers are ending support of that technology. Instead, we accept animated GIF files as well as HTML5 content and animations.

Animated ads may not work in e-mail messages, because some e-mail browsers (such as Outlook) do not support animation. Please submit only static images for IS Weekly.

E-blast specs

Specs for E-mail Blasts are simple: We recommend keeping the overall size of your message to about 600 pixels wide. Outlook limits the maximum height of images to 1728px, so split your image into more than one image if the total height exceeds 1728px.

You can provide us with HTML code, or a PDF, JPG, PNG or GIF image that we can link back to your website.

Flash, Rich Media, Image Maps and Javsacript are not recommended in email products. Some email clients don’t support animated GIFs. For example, because versions of Outlook 2007 to the present use Microsoft Word to render HTML email, GIFs and animated content don’t display well. Compatibility issues cause only the first frame of the GIF to display. To accommodate for this, we recommend that you produce your file so that the first frame contains the important information.

Subject lines should be as enticing as possible, more than ONE word, and NOT in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

If you provide us with HTML code, all email HTML must be table-based layouts; using CSS only to control typography and color. Full image paths in the code must be used (ex:

Because e-mail clients render e-mails different from Web browsers, it’s important to test your HTML in an actual e-mail (we recommend Outlook), rather just opening it in a browser.