Posted April 20, 2020

Surviving the COVID-19 cash crunch

In downturns, revenue and cash levels always fall faster than expenses. For most of us, Q2 is going to be tough from a financial performance point of view.

Nelson Valderrama
Peter Baldwin

But what can you do now to mitigate the risk and improve your chances of success? Join Industrial Supply magazine, Intuilize and YTP for a free webinar where you'll learn how to leverage your financials, balance sheets and income statements to:

  • Better manage your stakeholders (owners, vendors, customers, etc.) through a potential recession
  • Take smart, strategic actions to combat declining revenue and protect your business
  • Model multiple scenarios and formulate gameplans for any outcome
  • Transform cash-flow risks into profits

Date: May 5, 2020 at 1 p.m. CST

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Nelson Valderrama is CEO of Intuilize, which specializes in helping mid-size distributors transform data into profits. Nelson has 22 years of experience in the industrial distribution industry helping businesses uncover hidden competitive advantages and unleash the power of data in the new digital economy. For more information contact him by email or visit

Peter Baldwin is a pioneer and thought leader in the Fractional CFO Services Industry. He has spent the past 18 years helping more than 30 industrial businesses financially manage themselves in times of turmoil when triage is required as well as in times of plenty when strategic growth is the goal. He is the author of Profit Peak for Entrepreneurs: A Practical Field-tested Guide to Maximizing Profit. Learn more at