Posted January 4, 2021

Marshalltown acquires Gatorback

Marshalltown, a supplier of masonry tools and equipment, announced its acquisition of Gatorback, which specializes in producing mortar boards and mortar pans.

Marshalltown logo
Gatorback logo

Acquiring the Gatorback product line further solidifies Marshalltown’s position as a provider of professional-quality tools for masons.

“We want to provide our customers with the best masonry tools on the market,” said Joe Carter, president and CEO of Marshalltown. “Acquiring Gatorback was a strategic move that aligned with that goal. Their mortar boards and pans make a mason’s job faster and easier with less waste of expensive mortar.”

Gatorback products are made from a nearly indestructible UV-resistant polymer. This unique design makes them lightweight and portable while providing a smooth working surface that won’t absorb water from the mortar, ultimately increasing a mason’s production. Additionally, this lack of water absorption increases mortar workability by as much as 30 minutes, resulting in money saved and less waste.