Posted January 15, 2020

DDS rebrands service offerings

DDS (Distributor Data Solutions) announced the rebranding of its primary solution offerings around the delivery and management of “next-generation” product content for manufacturers and distributors.

DDS’ Content-as-a-Service offering for distributors is now CONTENT/io, and its corresponding Syndication-as-a-Service for manufacturers is SYNDICATION/io. The purpose of DDS’ re-brand is to distinguish its manufacturer- and distributor-focused solutions.

“Both our manufacturer and distributor offerings have been incredibly successful, and both have matured significantly over the last couple of years, so we felt it was time they stood alone,” said Matt Christensen, DDS company president. “The distinction also helps explain and identify the services we provide to companies on both sides of this exchange of critical product information.”

CONTENT/io service for distributors delivers multiple manufacturers’ product content via automated, scheduled and pre-formatted files customized to each distributor’s e-commerce platform and needs. In working closely with manufacturers to obtain this data, they found that most are similarly struggling to efficiently syndicate product content to their entire distribution channel, including both wholesalers and retailers.

With SYNDICATION/io, DDS also applies a custom treatment to the ingestion of manufacturer content. According to Christensen, rather than forcing every supplier’s data into a standard template, DDS uses a custom import for every product line so that all information available from manufacturers is preserved and stored exactly the way it was produced. This also prevents certain types of data, and excess amounts of data, from being lost when it can’t fit into a pre-defined template.

DDS is an e-commerce product content and data management provider serving the wholesale distribution industry.