Posted January 20, 2021

Distributors form Kansas Distribution Alliance

Five Kansas-based distributors have formed The Kansas Distribution Alliance, a network of business leaders dedicated to a thriving distribution industry that boosts local economies and provides good jobs and career growth opportunities for Kansans.

The companies are recognized as leaders in upholding and advancing professional standards for the distribution industry.

The five founding members of the Kansas Distribution Alliance are GT Midwest, an industrial supply and manufacturingcompany based in Wichita; Stanion Wholesale Electric Co., a Wichita-based electrical supply distributor; C&B Equipment Inc., an industrial equipment distribution and service company in Wichita; Clock Medical Supply in Winfield, Kansas; and Star Lumber & Supply Co., a Whichita building supply distributor.

The companies support the Keep Kansas Running Campaign, an initiative to increase the number of qualified candidates in distribution careers. Keep Kansas Running encourages traditional and non-traditional students to pursue distribution careers through programs advancing professional distribution.

The Distribution Alliance has partnered with Pratt Community College on its Modern Distribution Sales and Management (MDSM) program—the first distribution degree of its kind in Kansas. Prospective students and those wanting to further their careers gain hands-on experience and transferable skills needed for success in the distribution industry.

"The Keep Kansas Running Campaign helps students become highly sought-after candidates in an industry filled with opportunity and well-paying careers," said Jenny Egging, program coordinator of MDSM at Pratt Community College. "The support of these five companies is integral to the success of our students and we could not be more thankful for their involvement."