Posted January 21, 2022

Southern Hardware's Millerd retires

Bill Millerd, general manager of Bostwick-Braun's Southern Hardware division based in West Helena, Arkansas, has retired after a 47-year career.

Millerd had served most of the last 10 years as Southern Hardware's general manager. Previously, he held several leadership roles in general management, merchandising and marketing at RKB Enterprises, HDW Inc. and LDR Industries.

Recently, Millerd was recognized by PRO Group and Distribution America for his outstanding career at their annual Executive Planning Conference. While at the conference, many suppliers expressed their respect for Millerd's straightforward style and excellent communication skills.

In 2019, Millerd worked closely with Kevin Goggans, Randy Johnston and the entire Southern Hardware team to add more than $6 million of new business from HDW, which was closing its doors.

"I personally appreciated Bill's depth of industry knowledge and perspective on the business as well as his passion for sharing this throughout our organization," said Mark C. Christie, president and CEO of The Bostwick-Braun Company. "I am also grateful that Bill delayed his retirement plans so we could restructure Southern Hardware's commercial and operational leadership."