Posted January 29, 2019

Hunter Steel Pipe and Supply is now HSPS

Hunter Steel Pipe and Supply announced that the company has changed its name to HSPS.

The name change follows HSPS’ recent acquisition of partner company Pipeline Diagnostics Services, a move which allows for expansion beyond the company’s traditional pipe, valve and fittings supply offerings. Now, in addition to providing quality PVF supplies on clients’ schedules, HSPS also offers pipeline integrity and in-line inspection (ILI) services.

Micah Cooley, president of the Houston-based company, said the move was a natural fit for HSPS, which maintains long relationships with many clients in oil and gas.

“Our team has always been dedicated to providing the things our clients need to not only get the job done, but to do it right,” Cooley said. “Adding inspection technology to the mix to increase their knowledge and improve safety just made sense.”

HSPS’ pipeline inspection technology, Ursa, combines temperature, sound, pressure and pipe width measurement to provide all-encompassing insight into pipes’ health. Ursa can navigate through bends, turns and tight spaces, provide mid-inspection image capture and transmit findings in near real-time.

“By pinpointing issues such as cracks or corrosion, Ursa helps companies fix pipeline issues before they become costly — or even dangerous — problems,” Cooley said.

Ursa also aids in pipeline mapping.

Sam Lavergne, a partner with HSPS, noted that existing clients should experience little to no change in terms of their PFV delivery service.

“Besides needing to update address books with our new name, things should be business as usual for folks on the parts and supplies side of things,” he said. “Our plan is to continue providing the quality service they’ve come to expect from our company and its people.”