Posted January 30, 2019

DDS becomes IMARK service provider

DDS (Distributor Data Solutions) announced that it has become a member service provider to IMARK Group Inc.

“DDS is providing a much-needed service for a number of our members in supporting their customers who are asking for better product information and a better online experience,” says Steve Ruane, VP, marketing and member services at IMARK Group. “We like that DDS offers various solutions that can help each of our member distributors—whether small, medium or large, and across multiple industries—and whether they’re just entering the e-commerce space, or looking to improve their existing online offering.”

In addition to delivering comprehensive e-commerce-ready product content, which is sourced directly from more than 375 manufacturers and consists of over four million products, DDS’ core offering also provides complete end-to-end content management for distributors and their websites. This includes DDS’ enhanced product content, plus product maintenance, product file matching, category management, normalized facets, product file cleanup and more. All content is delivered custom-formatted for compatibility with any e-commerce platform.

According to DDS’ vice president Matt Christensen, “Creating an excellent online customer experience requires much more than an e-commerce platform. You need to deliver all the product content that contractors, MRO buyers and engineers need to make product selection decisions. We leverage the most advanced technology in the world, and some incredibly talented data analysts and software engineers, to manage distributors’ e-commerce product data at scale.”