Posted February 2, 2024

Singer Industrial acquires Hose Tech USA

On January 31, Singer Industrial joined forces with Hose Tech USA.

Hose Tech USA will operate within the Industrial Rubber Division of Singer Industrial and, with this addition, will increase Singer Industrial’s North America footprint to over 100 locations with more than 1,400 employees. Hose Tech USA will assist Singer Industrial in expanding their customer value proposition by increasing their on-site hose repair presence.

Hose Tech USA, founded in 1998 by Wes Barnhart, serves the Central Texas Region as well as the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston metropolitan areas. The business operates in several key markets including construction, food and beverage, agriculture, recycling, and general industrial supply, and provides on-site hose repair services.

President and CEO of Hose Tech USA, Teresa King, and Chief Financial Officer, Heather Sidel, will continue to help manage Hose Tech USA operations and will assist with expansion efforts.

“We look forward to merging Hose Tech USA with the strength, collaboration, and resources of Singer Industrial,” said King. “This journey provides endless possibilities to our employees, and an expansive powerhouse of hydraulic and industrial hose solutions to benefit our customers.”

Singer Industrial CEO Craig Osborne said, “Hose Tech is such a well-run business, we are excited to partner with the team to further our mobile capabilities and serve customers where they are.”

“Hose Tech delivers world-class customer service with their large fleet of hydraulic repair trucks and eight service locations,” said Industrial Rubber Division President Sam Petillo. “We plan to leverage their service expertise to fuel our organic growth in Texas and beyond.”