Posted February 6, 2024

NAW urges swift passage of border security bill

The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) expressed strong support for the recently released bipartisan Senate bill on border security and aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

Eric Hoplin, President & CEO of NAW released the following statement:

“NAW commends the inclusion of urgently needed border security and immigration reforms in the Senate's bipartisan emergency funding proposal. This marks an important first step in addressing the severity of the growing crisis at the southern border. We believe that comprehensive reforms, coupled with continued support for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, are essential to ensuring America's security and economic well-being.

While NAW advocates for clear legal immigration pathways to add needed workers to help support our economy, Congress must address border security immediately. We encourage leaders from both parties to build on this momentum to find solutions that address these complex challenges.”